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Get a link to embed your Figma frames as images and update. Perfect for blogs, screenshots, websites and more...

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"I used to constantly export screenshots and logos from Figma to our website, now I can just copy a link"
- Ravi.L, Maker of Figmage
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even our logo is a figmage

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Unless we told you, the figmages on these sites just blend in 😎

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Endless Possibility

Go from mockups and templates to live image in seconds. If you are making assets in Figma and uploading to other places, consider making it a figmage

Perfect for:

What the heck is Figma

Figma is a design tool. Kind of like an Adobe minus all the hub bub. It's used usually for UI mockups and is as easy to use as making a slideshow, and you can make all sorts of graphics

Does this support SVG?

Yes. You can tweak the export settings. However, super large images may not work.

Is it fast?

Fast enough for most cases. If you need super fast loading, you should consider directly uploading to a CDN on your domain.

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How it Works

Psst..this is how all of the images in this website were made

<img src="">

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Tried to keep it super simple 😇


I didn't get a confirmation or login email

Depending on your mailbox provider, check your junk or promotions folder. The mails come from If you could do us a favor and mark as "not spam", that would help deliverability for everyone.

Why are some of my images crossed out

If an frame no longer exists, or is not a part of the document, it will become crossed out. The images will still exist till you delete them.

How can I keep track of uploads?

When laying out your images on the canvas, try to keep them aligned to your product. That makes them easy to identify. Figmage also shows all of your previously uploaded items, with their frame names and uploaded links.

Can I delete uploaded images and stay under the free limit?

Yes, yes you can.

Can I use this for larger teams?

Absolutely. You get higher limits and a shared library. Reach out to me at